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• Largest e-commerce country in the world: 19.34% of salary spend on online shopping
• 28% impulse rate
• Growing spending on health-related areas such as healthier foods and imported premium-quality products


Professional marketing group

• Influence: Top Key Opinion Leaders who cover 95% of online market.
• Resource: Cover every industry.
• Experience: Quickly find the right influencers, whose following fits into your ideal customer group.



• Disposable income will double between 2018 to 2020
• Middle-class population will rise from 300 million in 2018 to 800 million in 2020
• You should act now before your competitors take over the huge market

Huda Kattan

Popular Beauty Blogger


She is a famous American beauty blogger who has 2.3 million YouTube subscribers with 110 million views as well as 25 million followers on Instagram. She is dedicated to market her own brand, which produced an annual sales of $200 million in 2017.


Key Opinion Leaders

Generally,    of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by product reviews/comments.

  • Influencer Marketing is a new but effective and  market strategy.
  • Many companies benefit from this new strategy.
  • KOLs are  people who share user experience and feedback about a product on social media.
  • KOLs can generate engaging activities with the audience.
  • KOLs make the marketing strategy more approachable.
  • KOLs are regarded as the  in their area of expertise.
  • KOLs’ thoughts and opinions sway followers.


Chinese Top Key Opinion Leaders who can cover 95% of online market




Beauty Makeup


Fashion Blogger


Fashion Blogger

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We provide customized strategies for you based on your brand positioning and industry


WeChat, the combination of Facebook & Messenger, is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. One of the attractive function of WeChat is Moments where allows users to post images, post text, post comments, share music, share articles and post “likes”. Moments can be also linked to WeChat Store or other online shopping platforms, such as, The user group of WeChat is large and the information transmission speed is fast.


Weibo, known like Chinese Twitter, is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages. Sina Weibo implements many features from Twitter. Users may post with a 140-character limit, mention or talk to other people using “@UserName” formatting, add hashtags with “#HashName#” formatting, follow other users to make their posts appear in one’s own timeline, re-post with “//@UserName” similar to Twitter’s retweet function “RT @UserName”, select posts for one’s favorites list, and verify the account if the user is a celebrity. Weibo user group is large and the information transmission speed is fast.


Tiktok allows users to create their own short music videos. Users first choose from a list of background music. Then, the app records them while they do whatever they want for sixty seconds. The app reached 150 million daily active users in June 2018. Today, it is the leading short video platform in Asia, and has established itself as the world’s fastest growing app, with the biggest music video community globally.


RED is an APP that is designed to discover information of lifestyle mainly using images and on a shorter scale, GIFs and videos. RED is a lifestyle sharing community, where combines the function of Pinterest & Instagram. RED can be also linked to other online shopping platforms for the convenience of users. Famous celebrities/ influencers will post their recommendations, ideas, pictures, videos about lifestyle on RED where users will be engaged and followed easily. Besides, Users who use RED are highly active and are willing to purchase products directly on RED. attracts 300 million people who love broadcasting. Around 240000 famous DJs broadcast their audio programs through the channel. Users are preferring some broadcasts about history, political events, international relationship, so is the gathering area of high-end users and well-educated groups called middle class where people are willing to afford high price for the high-quality goods., Chinese Quora, is a question-and-answer site where community users can ask, answer, edit and organize. Some celebrities or experts in love to share their knowledge, experience and insights. In other words, users ask questions on the platform according to their preferences, which will be answered by experts or someone who familiar with this, so users will be followed by expert’s insights. Moreover, people will purchase the goods that influencers suggested.

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