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ETB Expo, is the largest expo on education and toys in China, and the No.1 gateway for international companies to explore Chinese market.

The ETB Expo is aimed to provide international mother-infant brands and education & toy brands with channels to connect and accelerate the transition from traditional industry into the Internet+ Era. It is a platform for integration and exchange, promoting and encouraging the cross-border cooperation between Chinese and International brands.

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  • In accordance with the average global consumption,China‘s toymarket size will break US$39.7 billion,which means there are US$14.7 billion gap in Chinamarket. When the gap is covered, there will be aboom of the market.
  • According to 2017 survey, 90% of the respondentshave purchased educational toys for their kids.Among the respondents that have purchased toys,theiraverage spend on toys each month is RMB 343.
  • With the consumption upgrade, the proportion of expenditure on early childhood education gradually increases. The growth of family income promotes parents to invest more in earlyeducation.
  • The proportion of children’s expenditure on early childhood education also gradually increases. It was predicted that the market size of early education industry would exceed 50 billion USD (300 billion RMB) after 2018.

ETB Expo Events

Industry Summits

Explore the future with industria lprofessionals from all sections of the value chain, boost cooperation and integration.

Intellectual Property Seminars

Worry about IP infringement in China? Customized IP seminars and experienced law professionals are here to help!

Easy Certification Access

Instant assistance offered on China Compulsory Certification (CCC) related issue and entry policy on site @ETB Expo

International Hall

10000+sq. ft premium exhibit spot sdesigned for international brands to maximize display effects.

Private Buyers Meeting

Business matching meeting arrangement services offered to connect brands and buyers from China and abroad.

Media & Press

Wild media press coverage provides huge marketing opportunities: live streaming, press conferences, ads display options…

Exhibit Space Options

*Specia lBooth request please contact: meghan@starfortune.co

Standard Exhibit Package include:

  • Three-sided board (two-sided for dual-opening booth)
  • Chinese&English lintel board
  • Carpet
  • 2 desks, 4 chairs, 2 floodlights, 1 power socket

Raw Space:

Decoration available per request.

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*Advertising request please contact: meghan@starfortune.co

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